Dance Agency A.I.D.A. – Agency for dancers and choreographers

Looking for the perfect artist for your dance project? Look no further than A.I.D.A., an artists agency geared specially to dance and catering for dancers, choreographers and dance trainers. The services offered by A.I.D.A. cover the full spectrum of organizational needs for all requirements in the area of dance. They include professional support all the way from the basic concept to choreography, artist selection, logistics and rehearsals, right through to the actual performance. In particular we offer:
  • Fulfillment of the specific demands of a wide range of different media such as film, TV, advertising, theater, shows, events and music videos
  • Coaching and consulting for clients and artists
  • Implementation of casting calls and auditions
  • Selection of the right artist: detailed assessment and stylistically competent identification of the dancers, choreographers and trainers best suited for the project in hand
  • Support of all relevant dance styles, both classical and contemporary
  • Consulting and logistical support for travel arrangements, rehearsals, performances and accommodation requirements

Dance Agency A.I.D.A artists (selection)