Corporate entertain-ment Heinz Troeber GmbH

  • client: cast connection / Hamburg
  • Year: 2002
  • Place: Hamburg
  • Tags: event
  • Dancers:
  • Choreographers:
  • Others: 2
The German company Heinz Troeber GmbH, a leading manufacturer of cigarette lighters, was planning a corporate event based on the theme of fire and air. Monika Schoepfer took on the consulting on program selection and suggested the aerial acrobatics program of two excellent air acrobats to the company owner Heinz Troeber. Troeber was immediately fascinated by the idea and engaged the dance agency A.I.D.A. to handle the program management. Schoepfer took over responsibility for the contract negotiations and placement of the acrobatic artists as well as travel planning and on-site support.