Holz-Handwerk (woodcrafts) trade fair / Metabo

  • client: RA&P Marketingkommunikation GmbH/Stuttgart
  • Year: 2008
  • Place: Nuremberg
  • Tags: hip hop / breakdance / event / trade fair
  • Dancers: 4
  • Choreographers: 1
  • Others:
For the second time A.I.D.A. was commissioned by the company RA&P Marketing Communications GmbH on behalf of its client Metabo to provide a very special dance performance. Responsibilities covered consulting, artist selection, contract negotiations and placement for four hip hop and breakdance dancers and a choreographer. As at the first product presentation event, the dancers used Metabo products during the dance performance and therefore had to have the stamina and physical strength to use the heavy equipment in their presentation. The dance presentation was given at the Holz-Handwerk (woodcrafts) trade fair in Nuremberg.