Honeywell presentation

  • client: RA&P Marketingkommunikation GmbH / Berlin
  • Year: 2009
  • Place: Berlin
  • Tags: flamenco / modern dance / tap dance / horton / casting / event
  • Dancers: 6
  • Choreographers: 1
  • Others:
For the product launch of a new, innovative thermostat the building equipment manufacturer Honeywell planned an equally innovative dance performance. Six dancers, a musician and a choreographer were sought to present the dance concept. The percussionist was to play an increasingly fast and energetic rhythm on his instruments to which changing dancers would move at the appropriate speed in the disciplines of modern dance, tap dance, modern jazz and flamenco. The change in musical tempo between fast and slow represented the thermostat, which in turn symbolically switched the dance between hot and cold. A.I.D.A. handled the consulting, artist selection, placement, organization and contract negotiations for the whole project.