Logistics and transport trade fair 2003

  • client: avcommunication GmbH / Munich
  • Year: 2003
  • Place: Munich
  • Tags: modern dance / event / trade fair
  • Dancers: 5
  • Choreographers: 1
  • Others:
For the logistics and transport trade fair in Munich in 2003, the DHL had planned an exciting event showcasing its logistics process in the form of a dance performance. The idea was to represent the transport of a DHL package going from continent to continent through the medium of dance. Five dancers personified the continents America, Africa, Australia, Europe and Asia in a modern dance performance. A.I.D.A. was responsible for the artist selection, consulting and implementation of the dance concept, the contract negotiations, placement as well as rehearsal arrangements, travel planning, costumes and hair styling, and on-site support.