Metabo event in Oberjoch

  • client: RA&P Marketingkommunikation GmbH
  • Year: 2007
  • Place: Oberjoch
  • Tags: hip hop / breakdance / event
  • Dancers: 5
  • Choreographers: 1
  • Others:
For Metabo, a leading global manufacturer of power tools and woodworking machines, RA&P Marketing Communications GmbH organized a very special sales event in a rockfall in the mountains of Southern Germany, to which more than 100 sales partners were invited. Dancers had to deliver a breakdance and hip hop performance showcasing the Metabo products. This was a particular challenge because only a few dancers have the stamina and the physical power to use the heavy tools while dancing. A.I.D.A. carried out the project with great success and managed the artist selection, placement, organization, consulting, rehearsal planning and contract negotiations for five dancers and the choreographer.
Metabo Event - Breakdance - Event - Hip Hop 1