Street children project Manda / Madagascar

  • client: ZazaFaly e.V.
  • Year: 2010
  • Place: Madagaskar/ Antananarivo
  • Tags: hip hop / folk dance / jazz dance / african dance / fashion show
  • Dancers:
  • Choreographers: 1
  • Others:
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From May to December 2010 Monika Schoepfer was part of the street children project Manda in Madagascar. Schoepfer went to Madagascar with the idea of doing what she does best: dancing. More than 300 street children who received food, education and welfare support at Manda had the opportunity to learn to dance with Monika and to participate in various performances. Monika Schoepfer's volunteer effort was a success: not only were the numerous dance performances that were rehearsed with up to 70 children enthusiastically received by audiences, the dance performances also gave the street children the chance to be part of something bigger and to learn discipline through the medium of dance. In addition, they gave the children the wonderful feeling that they are bringing joy to other people with their presence and actions - a rare feeling for street children. Much work, time and passion went into the dance projects, but it was worth the effort, because Monika Schoepfer brought something into the lives of children that is priceless: joy and pride in their own activities. And of course, Monika also got a lot out of her time at Manda. I've gotten a lot back from the children and learned a lot as well. It was a memorable time that I will never forget, says Monika Schoepfer about her time in Madagascar.