Thomson IFA 2004

  • client: Auditoire Paris
  • Year: 2004
  • Place: Berlin
  • Tags: musical / hip hop / modern dance / jazz dance / event / trade fair
  • Dancers: 4
  • Choreographers:
  • Others: 3
In 2004, the electronics manufacturer Thomson brought out the first MP3 player with 4 gigabytes of memory. On behalf of Thomson for the market launch the agency Auditoire Paris planned a competition at the IFA 2004. As part of this competition five dancers appeared on a stage at the trade show, each listening to songs of a particular genre on the new MP3 player and providing appropriate dance accompaniment. The audience had to guess which dancer was listening to what kind of music: classical, musical, pop, hip hop or world music. The competition was held eight times a day and fronted by three moderators. For the ambitious project A.I.D.A. was responsible for selecting the dancers and presenters as well as for customer consulting and implementation of the concept, the contract negotiations, rehearsal arrangements, travel planning, costumes and hair styling, as well as on-line support for the artists and presenters.