Cristina Perera

female dancer, choreographer, dance trainer
Cristina Perera - female dancer, choreographer, dance trainer
  • Nationality: Brazilian
  • Native language: Portugese
  • Other languages: English, Spanish, French, Italian, German
  • Age: 55
  • Height: 160
  • Weight: 50
  • Hair color: Black
  • Eye color: Brown
  • Drivers Licence: 1
had her dance education in classical Ballet at the Municipal Theatre of Rio de Janeiro and Salle Pleyel in Paris. Her Modern and Contemporary Education started in London at The London Contemporary Dance School and continued in New York at Alvin Ailey Dance School with a Full Merit Scholarship. Cristina Perera has performed as a soloist and principal dancer around the world with various companies and worked with the most notable figures in the performing arts such as Frederick Ashton, Flemming Flindt, Ulysses Dove, Alvin Ailey, Judith Jamison, Mark Morris, Peter Sellars, John Adams, Robert Wilson, Philip Glass, George Tabori, Marcia Haydee and many others. She has choreographed ballets, concert dance pieces, dance theatre, musicals, films and music videos in many European countries, in Asia, North America and South America alike. In 2008 she was the artistic director of Cirque du Soleil's production “Alegria” with whom she still freelances as a Casting Partner. She has recently won the price “Aesthetics Interaction” from the Brazilian foundation for the arts FUNARTE for one of her productions in Brazil. Currently Ms Perera is working on her own projects and choreographing in Europe, USA and Brazil.


  • Municipal Theatre of Rio, Brazil
  • Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
  • Alvin Ailey (Full Merit Scholarship), N.Y., USA
  • London Contemporary Dance School, London
  • New York Conservatory of Dance, N.Y., USA
Teachers Ballet:
  • Tatiana Leskova, Rio, Brazil
  • Goube (Paris Opera), Salle Pleyel, Paris, France
  • Messerer (Bolshoi Ballet),London UK
  • Vladimir Dokoudousky, Alexander Filipov, N.Y., USA
Teachers Modern:
  • Jane Dudley, London, UK
  • Carol Fried, Denis Jefferson, N.Y., USA
  • Diana Gray, A.D.F. USA
Teachers Jazz:
  • Bruce Tayler, America Dance Festival,
  • Miguel Godreau, Fred Benjamin, N.Y., USA


  • Ballet
  • Modern Dance
  • Jazz Dance
  • Hip Hop
  • Horton
  • Tango
  • Salsa
  • Contemporary
  • Actor
  • Singer


Balet Fest Sarajevo Bosnia /Inside Out 2012
National Theatre of Sarajevo, Cristina Perera, Concept, Choreography and Solo Performance

Touch Base 2010
A-Trane, Cristina Perera, Director,

Carmen 2008
Cia of Movimento CP/ Brazil, Cristina Parera, Carmen,

eMoment 2006
Camäleon Theater GmbH Berlin, Cristina Perera, Soloist,

Bagdad Café 2005
Percy Adlon/Paris, Blanca Li, Soloist,

Prada/Commercial 2005
Motion Pictures GmbH/Studio Babelsberg, Blanca Li, Soloist,

Orfeo 2004
Italien World Premier /Ismael Ivo Dance Companie, Ismael Ivo, Euridike/Soloist,

Olhos dágua 2004
Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin, Ismael Ivo, Soloist,

Black Berlin City Bus Tour 2004
Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin, Ismael Ivo, Josephin Baker/Soloist,

Oedipus 2002
Berliner Ensemble-Theaterhaus Stuttgart, Ismael Ivo + Marcia Haydee/Director: Georg Tebori, Antigone,

Div. Productions 1997
Tanz Theater Wien, Liz King, Soloist,

Div. Productions 1995
Caprioli Dance Camp./Stockholm/Italie+German Tour, C. Caprioli, Soloist,

Lulu 1992
Städtische Bühnen Münster, Brigitte Trommler, Principal Role,

Div. production 1991/92
Les Ballets Jazz De Montreal Canada/USA/Russia, Genevieve Salbaing, Soloist,

Closing Notice(Film) 1990
NYC/USA, Donald Byrd, Actress/Soloist,

Dance Express 1990
NYC/USA, Michael Mao, Soloist,

Judith Jamison Projéct 1988/90
Alvin Ailey/NYC American Tour, Judith Jamison, Soloist,

Nixon in China/(Opera) 1988
USA + Europa Tour, Marc Morris, Soloist,

Civil Wars(Opera) 1987/88
Netherlands/NY USA, Ulysses Dove, The rain Priestess,

Div. Productions 1982
Erica Drew Dance Comp. Boston USA, Erica Drew, Soloist,

The Triumpf of Death 1982
Flemming Flindt Comp., German+Scandinavan Tour, Flemming Flindt, Soloist,

Div. Productions 1981
Fusion Dance Comp. Miama USA, William Lord, Soloist,

Salome 1980
Flemming Flindt Comp., German+Scandinavan Tour, Flemming Flindt, Soloist,

Amazonic Forest 1976
Ballet of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Dalal Aschar, Soloist by Frederic Ashton,

Aladin(Film) 1976
Brazil Production, Rio, Brazil, Cristina Perera, Soloist/Choreographer,

First Winter Festival 1976
Ballet of Rio de Janeiro Brazil, Margot Fonteyn,Georgina Parkinson,Doreen Wells, Soloist,

Career experience: Choreography

Apolo India ( Event ) 2013
Gravity Entertainment Pvt. Ltd, Apolo , Cristina Perera, Concept, Light Design, Choreographer

Victim Of Ritual ( Music Video ) 2013
Hunger Film UG, Universal Music , Cristina Perera, Choreographer

FUNARTE ( National Foundation for the Arts ) 2013
Theater Cacilda Becker, Riode Janeiro , Cristina Perera, Jury-Dance Program

Balet Fest Sarajevo Bosnia /Inside Out 2012
National Theatre of Sarajevo, Cristina Perera, Concept, Choreography and Solo Performance

Süchtig Juli (Music Video) 2011
Schattenwandler ( Universal Music), Cristina Perera, Choreographer,

World Premiere 2011
Michigan, USA, Cristina Perera, Happendance,

Berlin Masterproject 2010
Stage Factory, Crsitina Perera, Artistic Director,

Touch Base 2010
A-Trane, Crisitna Perera, Director,

Dance Concert 2010
Artevaria,Italie, Crisitna Perera,

CMS Fair 2009 2009
Nilfisk-ALTO, Cristina Perera,

Nivea /Commercial 2009 2009
Tempomedia Filmproduktion GmbH, Cristina Perera,

Prize Winner 2009
FUNARTE/ Brazil, Cristina Perera, Creative Director/Choreography

Trusting 2009
MAXIM`S Dance Comp., Cristina Perera,

Alegria 2008
Cirque du Soleil/South Amercan Tour , Cristina Perera, Artistic Director,

Cia of Movimento CP/ Brazil , Cristina Perera, Director,

Carmen 2008
Cia of Movimento CP/ Brazil , Cristina Perera,

Der Eintänzer (Film) 2007
Film Academy Baden Württemberg, 20s /Director: Gregor Erler, with Ludgar Pistor,

eMoment 2006
Camäleon Theater GmbH Berlin, Tango/Modern,

Sugerplum Fairy (Music Video) 2006
shotzfilm GmbH/Berlin, Jazz,

BelaB Feat 1.2.3... (Music Video) 2006
QFilmproduction/Hamburg, Jazz,

"Small Group" Skater competition 07 2006
Kieler RV, Skater,

"Small Group" Skater competition 06 2005
Kieler RV, Skater,

Youth Integration Project 2004/05
Haus der Kulturen der Welt/Berlin, Funky Jazz/Hip Hop,

BMW Fashion Show 2004
BMW/Munich, Cristina Perera,

No More 2003
Bralen Tanzcompanie, Bratislave Slowakia, Modern Dance,

Transport und Logistig Messe 2003
avcommunication GmbH, Modern Dance, Dancer, Choreographer

International Fashion-Revue 2003
Agentur Rachlé, Österr. Tour, Revue/Catwalk,

Letting Go 2001
Bralen Tanzcompanie, Bratislave Slowakia, Modern Dance,

West Side Story 2000
John Jay Theatre, N.Y., USA, Musical,

Choreographic work in progress 2000
Danza Contemporeanea de Cuba, Habana, Modern/Contemporary,

Hard Times 1999
Vivace Dance Art, Berlin, Modern, Jazz,

Duo 1999
BalletBuilders NY99, N.Y., USA, Neo Klassik,

Tabaluga & Lilli (Peter Maffay) 1999
Theatro Centro Oberhausen, Musical,

Der nackte Michelangelo 1998
Schaubühne Berlin, Dance theater, Assistant of George Tabori/Ismael Ivo,

Under Time 1997
Dance theater Bralen, Bratislava, Slovakia, Modern Contemporary,

Close Encounters 1997
Tanz Theatre Wien, Modern, Dance theater,

Musical Showcase 1996/97
Performing Arts Studio, Vienna, Austria, Musical,

Belle 1996
MRPE, N.Y., USA, Tanztheater, Co-Director,

Fame 1996
Sumer Theater, Camp, N.Y., USA, Musical,

pippin 1996
MRPE, N.Y., USA, Musical,

Windows 1995
a New Musical Drama, N.Y., USA, Musical,

N.Y. Workshop 1994
Duos-Duality, N.Y., USA, Modern Contemporary,

A Chorus Line 1994
M.R. Dance Company, N.Y., USA, Musical,

Into the Woods 1994
M.R. Dance Company, N.Y., USA, Musical,

Somthing Like it 1992
Dance Theatre Münster, Tanztheater, Pricipal Director

Dia Baram Burning Up 1991
Danza-Teatro, Artevaris3 in One, Torino Italy, Modern Contemporary,

Introspection 1990
Singapore Dance Theatre, Modern, Contemporary,

Pesadelos Vividos 1989
Serenity, E.Lansing, USA, Tanztheater,

Shades 1989
Serenity, E. Lansing, USA, Neoklassik,

Future Talks 1987
Boston Summer Camp. USA, Musical,

Regional Comm. 1987
Boston, USA, Jazz, Regie Heinz Gourmet,

Les Debutantes 1986
Boston Summer Camp., USA, Modern, Contemporary,

Other References

FUNARTE ( National Foundation for the Arts ) 2013
Theater Cacilda Becker, Riode Janeiro , Cristina Perera, Jury-Dance Program

Balet Fest Sarajevo Bosnia /Inside Out 2012
National Theatre of Sarajevo, Cristina Perera, Concept, Choreography and Solo Performance

Audition/London/Brussels/Berlin 2009
Cirque du Soleil, Cristina Perera, Casting,

Italy/Montepulciano 2009
Artevaria, Modern, Jazz, Teaching/Workshop,

Czech Republic Brno 2008/09
MAXIM`S Dance Comp. , Modern, Repertoire, Teaching/Workshop,

Tanzfestival 2007/08/09
Bratislava, Ballet, Modern, Teaching Summer workshop,

USA 2007/08
RCPA Center Performing Arts, Modern, Tanztheater, Teaching/Workshop,

Audition / Prague 2007
Cirque du Soleil, Crisitina Perera, Casting,

Tanz in Bozen 2004/03/02
Ballettsommer Bozen, Tanzfestival, Jazz/Horton Technique Int./Adv., Teacher/Workshop,

Berlin 2002
Friedrichstadtpalast, Horton Technique, Teacher/Workshop,

Bratislave 2002
Dance festival Bratislava, Horton Technique, Teacher/Workshop,

Wien 2002
Impulstanz, Vienna International Dance Festival, Horton Technique, Teacher/Workshop,

Tanz Theater Wien, Horton Technique, Teaching Professional,

Aix-en Provence, Ecole de Danse, Ballet, Teaching,

Noes Dance Center, Rotherdam, Ballet, Teaching,

Balletakademien, Stockholm, Ballet, Teaching,

Duncan Center, Horton Technique, Teacher/Workshop,

Deutsches National Theater, Horton Technique, Teacher/Ballet Master,

E. Lansing High School, Creative Workshop, Teaching,

Ballet School of Perf. Arts E. Lansing, Ballet, Teaching,

Dance Theatre Bralen, Horton, Ballet, Teaching Professional Master Classes,

Performing Arts Studio Vienna, Ballet, Horton, Jazz, Teaching,

Move on Studio, Vienna, Modern, Horton, Teaching,

Dance Academy Vienna, Modern, Horton, Teaching,

Westchester Council for the Arts, N.Y., , Teaching Dance in Education Program,

SUNY Purchase Unversity, N.Y., Ballet, Teacher,

Mark Ruhala Studio, N.Y., Ballet, Modern, Horton, Jazz, Teacher,

Boston Summer Camp., Ballet, Teaching,

Torino Italy
Danza Teatro Artevaria, Modern Horton, jazz, Teaching,

Greece Athens
State School of Ballet, Ballet, Teacher,